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MPI, the old MAF, have formulated a list of goods EXEMPT fumigation for Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs.

In short, it’s items that don’t have the capacity to shelter these creatures.

1. All air freighted items.

2. Brand NEW (un-field tested) items as listed below that are packaged, in cartons or on pallets immediately after manufacture or subsequently packaged in impervious packaging and shipped in containers for direct retail or wholesale sale.

• Bakery, food processing and restaurant equipment.
• Bicycles and bicycle parts.
• Boat parts.
• Car parts.
• Children’s toys for example, skateboards).
• Exercise equipment, for example, exercycles, rowing machines and treadmills.
• Filters.
• Hand tools and hardware and home handyman items.
• Household appliances (and parts thereof), for example, dish washers, dryers, vacuums, washing machines, or waste disposal units for domestic use.
• Laboratory equipment (except for the large used units mentioned in the list of included items).
• Motor bikes, motor scooters, quad bikes and parts of these items.
• New tyres (containerised).
• Non-motorised children’s scooters.
• Power tools for domestic or home handyman use.

For more specifics, Rhonda is the key contact here.

Could you please delete Compass Shipping (Taiwan) and replace it with:

Master Cargo Taiwan

That's an easy one to remember.

The one & only contact remains Albert Chang.

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Please be aware that we are heading into peak season with tranship ports such as Singapore/Tanjung Pelepas under pressure.

This can result in shipments being delayed. We monitor shipments constantly and will keep you updated with progress.






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