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Is largely moving as normal from most points.

Be-it with some reductions in service & periodic issues getting the cargo/containers to loading point.

In-particular in Italy and China.


Airlines are either reducing or ceasing flights.

Capacity is down a massive 80 per cent.

Likely to stay this way till June.

Note: As you can appreciate this is an ever-changing situation.

We are doing our best on a very much a case-by-case basis.

Our agents and us are working extra hard!

Excellent Article On the fight against Stink Bugs and the dangers they pose [click] 

The figures (effective 01 June 2020) speak for themselves:

Import Entry Transaction Fee: N.Z Dollars 33.03

Export Entry Transaction Fee: N.Z Dollars 3.27

That’s right – importers are soon to be levied ten times more by N.Z Customs for an identical ‘service’.

So much for user pays.

And what about the processing of overseas passengers across our borders?

A far more cumbersome and expensive task for Customs to undertake in comparison to processing customs entries.

Airline passengers get a free service courtesy of the N.Z Taxpayer and N.Z Importers! 

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