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Last flight: 29th March

Possible return date to be reviewed: 01st May

This is a major, major blow to South Island importers/exporters alike. 

From a company perspective we use Singapore Airlines (SQ) extensively.

Our succesful weekly London-Christchurch service immediately springs to mind.

SQ will retain a pressence in N.Z with reduced flights into Auckland. 

Airlines aren’t driven by freight revenue, though.

It’s ‘bums on seats’ that dictate where they go and how often.

Those bums aren’t there at the moment.

We all know why. 

LINK to a recent article pointing-to an up-turn in volumes ex China

Light at the end of the tunnel?



As you’ll be well-aware every airline operating into N.Z has reduced or stopped flights all together.

Capacity has dropped 85%.

‘Spot Rating’ is now the modus for the available space, ex all-points of the globe.

Any airline contracts we had are ‘on-hold’ or will need to be re-negotiated once things get back to normal.

For the foreseeable future we now need to apply to the airline to get both (a.) rates (b.) space on a shipment by shipment basis.

Having an exact shipping date is vital. 

It is inevitable whilst border restrictions are in-place, planes stop flying etc. rates will increase over this period.

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