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Effective 10th July 2017 we have new agents in China.

It's easy to remember.

Sea-Air Logistics.

There's one contact at Sea-Air Logistics for the whole of China.

This is him.....

Henry Tai

           HENRY TAI

Henry operates out-of their Shenzhen Office in Southern China.

Phone: (0755)889-1121 

Got a question?

Paul and Darron are happy to help.





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We have new Air-Freight agents in the United Kingdom: 


Contact: Julie Sharpe

Phone: (01274)715-230

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Julie Sharpe


That’s right both Air and Sea-Freight ex the U.K are now under the same roof. 

Same dedicated Christchurch service as in the past.

It just now leaves Manchester starting November 2018.  

Anyone wanting to send freight into their Manchester terminal needs to address it to:  


C/- UCH Logistics

Unit 318 World Freight Terminal 

Manchester Airport M90 5EX

Important note: please keep us in the loop with all your orders!

Local contact is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  




Just so you know where we are, there were major changes in the shipping industry in 2016.

Moving into 2017 these are expected to make an impact on global shipping.

So what is happening globally will affect ‘little old New Zealand’.

Let’s look at 2016 first.

Hanjin, the eighth largest carrier in the world, went into bankruptcy in the middle of the year. Over 400,000 containers were caught-up in their melt-down.   

COSCO and China Shipping, China’s two largest carriers, merged.

MOL, NYK and K-Line, Japans three largest Japanese carriers, announced their merger. This merger expected to take place progressively over the next few years reducing three lines to one.

CMA CGM purchased APL Line.

Last but not least Maersk are in the process of acquiring Hamburg Sud.

None of these changes will be positive for New Zealand importers.

Reduced competition, possibly capacity never is.

Vessels into New Zealand are already chocker-block.

Where there was once about ten lines competing, we will be down to under half that.

Not good.

More cherry news to come.



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