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A recent Newshub investigation has revealed MPI regularly fail to examine inbound passenger flights into Auckland, our main gateway.

They didn't mention if this also included cargo off the same flights.

This is not a one-off bad-day.

Frighteningly it’s a daily occurrence.

Congratulations to the Newshub journalists highlighting there these gapping-holes at our borders.

So why is the very government department put in charge of policing our borders in respect to bio-security ‘missing in action’?

MPI have a major staff retention issue.

‘Handknitted Cardigan’ management in denial.

The staff that are leaving are the ones at the pit-face, like dog handlers.

The pit face is where is counts if we want to keep out the likes of Stink-Bug and Foot & Mouth.

Where MPI are not short of staff and have plenty of resources to throw at errant importers, brokers making human errors etc., is their policing section.

There would for example be no leeway given by MPI were an importer operating a transitional facility explained away their lack of an approved operator by saying “Sorry we have replaced him yet and we desperately needed the product.”  

Let’s not forget its importers and exporters that contribute financially towards MPI, border protection, not just though taxation.

Passengers, tourists pay nothing!

There is no consistency in anything MPI does.

They have one set of rules for brokers/importers/general public and another set for their own staff.

When MPI Staff ‘drop the ball’ they are never prosecuted.

There would be public outrage if policemen were exempt drink-driving laws.

MPI tell importers “It’s user pays these-days, so suck-up our ever-increasing fees”.

Then in the next breath deliberately ignore the costs incurred policing airports.

The very same airports they can’t adequately staff!

Paul Gilbert.


Based in the South Island and spotted something on eBay?

Under-taking another similar on-line transaction ex the U.S?

Got a willing seller teed-up?

By 'willing' we mean co-operative into getting involved in delivering the sale and U.S Customs issues, which are all part of exporting.

Then let’s talk about what else you need to establish before we talk rates/costs.

From our perspective there are five non-negotiable conditions handling eBay, online transactions……..

One: We don’t handle personal effects

Sorry no personal effects, antiques etc.

Car parts, furniture, ride-on’s and the likes are good to go.

Two: It can only move Sea-Freight

Airlines run-a-mile from non-commercial shipments owing to security issues.

Establishing the identity of the shipper, getting them FAA approved is a formal process.

The bar has been set high since September 11th.

Therefore, your eBay purchase has got to be big enough to justify sea-freighting.

0.5 of a cubic metre is probably a starting point.

Three: Generally the Seller/Shipper will need to get it to one of our agents U.S Depots

We don’t pick-up from private residences.

Our agents DGX have receiving terminals in: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Atlanta

Preferably LAX if you can negotiate it.

Four: To export the goods out of the country we may need to have the shippers EIN#

Is it worth over U.S Dollars 2,500.00?

Well then it’s going to need to have a formal U.S Export Entry completed.

To do this our agents DGX will need the seller/shippers personal Employer Identification Number.

That’s the U.S equivalent of our Inland Revenue number.

Along with ID e.g. a scan of a driver licence.

Is the seller willing to provide both (a.) a form of identification (b.) their Employer Identification Number?

If not, and it’s valued over USD 2,500 it can’t be exported.

Five: Accurate Invoice/Paperwork

eBay automatically provides a commercial invoice showing the value of the cargo.

These vary in descriptiveness.

However, the auction description may not be enough for DGX to issue a U.S Customs classification – known as a ‘Schedule B’

‘Car Parts’ for example wouldn’t cut-the-mustard.

We need a highly accurate description.

The origin of the goods.

Whether it is new or used?

There may-be fumigation involved if it’s second hand and a ‘risk’ product according to N.Z MPI.

Summary: Okay I know what you guys need

I have already established the seller can furnish ALL the necessary U.S Customs details.

Get it delivered to one of those terminals.

Know it’s big enough i.e. over 0.5 cubic metres to justify the cost of it being sea-freighted.

Now I need a quote. .

Then, drop Paul a line with the details (size, weight, accurate description of the goods) .

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MPI has issued a series to changes and additions to the current campaign to prevent the importation of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs.

These measures affect goods shipped between September 01st 2018 and April 30th 2019. for sea and air-freight originating from the following countries: United States of America, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Georgia, Japan, Austria, Bulgaria, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein, Serbia, Slovenia.

You’ll see there’s been a considerable increase to the global scope of the threat, from just USA and Italy.

Importantly there is now potential to fumigate at origin rather than upon arrival.

Both LCL and FCL traffic can now be fumigated at approved overseas facilities.

This is a positive.

We’ll be taking the most economically prudent option when we spy 'targeted' goods.

The target ‘high risk’ commodities MPI are loosely: vehicles, used machinery, used car parts, roofing, house parts, anything with the words ‘2nd hand, personal effects.

These high-risk commodities will under-go higher scrutiny.

It's the description of the goods is what MPI will be focusing-on.

So the onus is on you to instruct your suppliers to describe say ‘Engineering Equipment’ as ‘New Engineering Equipment’.

Give specific details on what you are importing, do not employ in-house terms.

MPI will be undertaking an ‘if in-doubt fumigate’ policy.

Example: ‘New Stainless Steel Bench-Top’ is significantly better than say merely a ‘Bench Top’.

This is a ‘Readers Digest’ abridged over-view of a complicated/detailed ever-changing situation we are facing.

We strongly recommend if you are seeking specifics, review the MPI ‘auricle’ site (link below) or chat to us.

MPI email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our key contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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