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Remember that saying; ‘If it’s too good to be true it is’?

Well it’s never been more applicable than what is happening in our industry.

Specifically, sea-freight ex China.

N.Z Importers enticed into buying C.I.F ex China with sea-freight rates that are too good to ignore, are finding they are paying through the nose when it gets to N.Z.

In short ‘once on the hook’ N.Z Importers are being ripped-off at this end by unscrupulous freight-forwarders with all sorts of over-the-top fees, which when totaled-up come to more than the quote they got at this end.

These unethical forwarders are almost exclusively Auckland based.

The key reminder when importing and organising freight ex China remain (a.) Secure Free on Board buying terms (b.) Arrange the freight & Insurance locally from this end.

Locally means locally by the way.

If you are allowing your suppliers in China to arrange the freight, you are opening yourself up-to this rort which has been a blight on our industry for over a decade.

Further, what would happen if the shipper forgot to properly insure the goods and they were a write-off?

Who do you go running to if that was the case?

Ignore our advice at your peril.

Let us give you a 'true & correct' costing tailor-made to your needs. 

Could you please delete Compass Shipping (Taiwan) and replace it with:

Master Cargo Taiwan

That's an easy one to remember.

The one & only contact remains Albert Chang. pictured below.

We've worked with Albert for over 25 years.  

Albert Chang

His Phone: (02)2788-4656

On Taiwanese sea-freight is Tanya and Andrew handles the air-freight.





Chinese Customs officers examine


Random examinations of shipments by foreign Customs Departments do occur prior to shipping.


The top countries for this to happen are China and the United States.


These export examinations are normally user-pays and costs are incurred by our agents which are passed on to us to retrieve from the N.Z importer.


Delays are part and parcel with this process. 


How-ever ‘unjust’ these costs appear they are legitimate. 


We sympathise, but are not in a position to negotiate.


Note: Currently motorbikes and vehicles from the U.S are especially susceptible to Customs examinations at present. Including, but not isolated to, having the entire container taken from ships side – unloaded, inspected and re-loaded – at considerable cost in time and money to the N.Z importer of the targeted car/bike.



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