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After spending eight years in the U.K.

Getting ‘hitched’.

Aimee Cameron is back and ensconced in our Customs Brokerage section.

She must like us or something.



                                       Drivers needed

More than 70 percent of goods consumed in the U.S. are moved by truck, but the trucking industry is struggling to meet increasing demand.

There simply aren’t enough drivers.

With an aging workforce, average age 55, almost 900,000 more drivers are required to meet rising demand.

Every business in the U.S is suffering, from retailers to ocean-freight forwarders like DGX.

The more notice you can give us, the more time we have-to ‘lock-in’ a pick-up.

When you think airline handling fees at Christchurch, most people natually think of Air New Zealand Cargo.

But there are actually two ‘cargo handling’ companies on Christchurch Airport that load/unload aircraft and store air-freight.

Air Menzies is the other player and their major airline client is Emirates.

Air New Zealand do the likes of Singapore Airlines.

In an oligopoly situation, rates for products/services tend to remain much the same.

This is no different in this instance, where Air New Zealand and Menzies have very similar cargo-handling tariffs.

Which are moving up shortly (January 2018) 

We’ll need to pass-on these new tariffs.

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