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MV Yantian Express

How often do on-board fires like this happen?

More often than you think!

They just don’t make main-stream media, because they don’t rate as highly as a celebrity wedding.

It was after-all only 7 years ago the MV Rena ran on to the Astrolabe Reef, off Tauranga.

In major disaster like the Yantian Express (pictured) and MV Rena the loses are borne across all the cargo owners.

So even if your cargo escaped unscathed, you are liable.

That’s the way General Average & Marine Insurance works

You need to be insured.

There is no automatic ‘built-in’ marine insurance.

Global sea-freight moves on an all care no responsibility basis.

It’s totally up-to the owners to insure their goods.

You need to be insured.

Our inhouse expert in this field is Nicky.

If you are not covered take-a-look at that photo again.

Then take five to talk to Nicky.

It’s fair to indicate Chinese Sea-Freight rates are volatile.

Trending-up at the start of 2019.

We are about to receive a General Rate Increase 01st February 2019.

The key here is: get us to quote.

Contact Paul or Darron for specifics on where the Chinese sea-freight market is going.

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