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‘Waiting time’ has always been a reality in respect to full container pick-ups in the U.S.

There is a free-time allocated to pick-ups and anything above that is considered waiting time.

Time is money & the more time a truckie has to wait, the more $’s one has to pay.

This principal of ‘free time’ then ‘waiting time’ has now been extended to include less than container load pick-ups.

If DGX (sister company DHX pictured) get mucked around by the supplier e.g. turn-up at 2 o’clock but don’t get loaded till 4 o’clock, a surcharge will now apply.

June is now a Peak Season, apparently?

‘Emergency Bunker Surcharge’ or ‘Peak Season Surcharge’ call it what you like.

The nett result is that all import full container rates now have an identical surcharge of some kind.

USD 60.00 per 20ft or USD 120 per 40ft effective 01st June.

How long will these ‘surcharges’ last?

Good question that.

It pays to be cynical when dealing with shipping-lines.

After spending eight years in the U.K.

Getting ‘hitched’.

Aimee Cameron is back and ensconced in our Customs Brokerage section.

She must like us or something.



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