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Static Caravan 1 

Combine a static building/caravan with a 40ft flat rack and it’s a winning combo for any Kiwi wanting extra room for the whanua.

For a quote U.K Depot to Port/Depot N.Z drop Darron a line.

Talk: Toll free phone: 0800-378-393

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 Static Caravan 2

Chinese New Year 2020

As the Calendar (above) indicates Chinese New Year is early-on this year.

24th to 30th January.

There is also a chance some suppliers/shippers may take a couple of extra days off around these dates.

If there’s anything ‘in system’ let Jackie here know so she can get Sea Air International chasing these orders along.

Christmas Dogs 2019 Good

Seasons-Greetings from all the team at Gateway Cargo Systems (S.I) Ltd.

BTW Any resemblance between the above dogs and the staff at Gateway is purely co-incidental.

We are letting you know well in advance here, that our intended Office Hours over the Christmas/New Year Period look like being:

Monday 23rd December: 8am – 5pm

Tuesday 24th December: 8am – 1pm

Wednesday 25th December: – CLOSED

Thursday 26th December: – CLOSED

Friday 27th December: 8am – 5pm 

Monday 30th December: 8am-5pm

Tuesday 31st December: 8am- 1pm

Wednesday 1st January: – CLOSED

Thursday 2nd January: - CLOSED

Friday 3rd January: 8am – 5pm 

Monday  6th January: Start of a normal week 8am – 5pm

Note: If you require extended storage due to closure, kindly let us know in advance.

You'll need to call us to get specifics on the hours our warehouse(s) will be open.    


Posted: Friday 29th November.

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