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Keep an eye-out for this annual holiday in China when everything closes.

Think Christmas on steroids.

First Day of New Year Holiday: Friday 27th January

Last Day of Holiday: Thursday 02nd February

Things are back to normal: Friday 03rd February  



When are we open?

Every-day but the holidays!

For overseas readers that’s:

Monday 26th December

Tuesday 27th December

Monday 02nd January

Tuesday 03rd January

Enjoy your break.  


As some background, space into N.Z has been at a premium due to vessels being at full capacity for the past four months.

The mid-2016 collapse of Hanjin, the eighth largest carrier in the world, reduced global capacity and has ripples into ‘little old New Zealand’.  

The trend for space to be at a premium is likely to continue until Mid February which coincides with Chinese New Year 2017.

It won’t be pretty around that time so you need to inform us of up and coming FCL bookings ex China.

Well in advance.

Chinese New Year this year starts on 28th January.    

Due to this ‘demand sometimes exceeding supply’ situation most New Zealand calling shipping carriers have advised of their intention to increase rates effective sailings 1st January 2017.

Indicatively USD75.00 per 20ft FCL and USD150.00 per 40ft FCL.

This level of increase varies between carriers and ports.

We are in negotiation with the various carriers over the level of increase.

You have our assurance any rates changes will be communicated to you.

But it’s clear 2017 will see increases to FCL rates and that will have a flow-on to LCL rates.

The root-cause is outlined here.  


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