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Christmas Dogs 2019 Good

Seasons-Greetings from all the team at Gateway Cargo Systems (S.I) Ltd.

BTW Any resemblance between the above dogs and the staff at Gateway is purely co-incidental.

We are letting you know well in advance here, that our intended Office Hours over the Christmas/New Year Period look like being:

Monday 23rd December: 8am – 5pm

Tuesday 24th December: 8am – 1pm

Wednesday 25th December: – CLOSED

Thursday 26th December: – CLOSED

Friday 27th December: 8am – 5pm 

Monday 30th December: 8am-5pm

Tuesday 31st December: 8am- 1pm

Wednesday 1st January: – CLOSED

Thursday 2nd January: - CLOSED

Friday 3rd January: 8am – 5pm 

Monday  6th January: Start of a normal week 8am – 5pm

Note: If you require extended storage due to closure, kindly let us know in advance.

You'll need to call us to get specifics on the hours our warehouse(s) will be open.    


Posted: Friday 29th November.

International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is the governing body for all the major shipping-lines.

The IMO have decreed that effective December 01st 2019, all ships and vessels worldwide will be required to reduce their sulphur emissions.

The blunt instrument addressing these emissions is a Low Sulphur Fuel Surcharge (LSS) placing a global cap on sulphur emissions.

This is where it gets complicated.

The LSS charge is not a ‘standard’ fixed amount per container.

It will vary by shipping-line, shipping route.   

Please bear in mind all importers/exporters have been up-to this point ‘artificially’ paying this surcharge under the guise of emergency risk, bunker surcharges etc.

It’s now going to be a separate charge.

The entire increase imposed by each shipping-line won’t be passed-on, since a portion of it was already included in the over-all rate.

Some of the LSS will therefore be negated in a decrease in other surcharges.

We’ll be breaking-down ‘in bite sized portions’ the impact of this surcharge will have shortly.   

Full containers, less-than-container-load.

Region by region.

Shipping-line by shipping-line.

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There has been a slight change (Effective September 09th) to Unixpress’s Manchester Airport address.

It’s basically the same place, only a recent expansion has meant a rearrangement of the facility.

Note: Anything that goes to the old address will still get re-directed.


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