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LINK to a recent article pointing-to an up-turn in volumes ex China

Light at the end of the tunnel?



As you’ll be well-aware every airline operating into N.Z has reduced or stopped flights all together.

Capacity has dropped 85%.

‘Spot Rating’ is now the modus for the available space, ex all-points of the globe.

Any airline contracts we had are ‘on-hold’ or will need to be re-negotiated once things get back to normal.

For the foreseeable future we now need to apply to the airline to get both (a.) rates (b.) space on a shipment by shipment basis.

Having an exact shipping date is vital. 

It is inevitable whilst border restrictions are in-place, planes stop flying etc. rates will increase over this period.


Is largely moving as normal from most points.

Be-it with some reductions in service & periodic issues getting the cargo/containers to loading point.

In-particular in Italy and China.


Airlines are either reducing or ceasing flights.

Capacity is down a massive 80 per cent.

Likely to stay this way till June.

Note: As you can appreciate this is an ever-changing situation.

We are doing our best on a very much a case-by-case basis.

Our agents and us are working extra hard!

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