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The Road Transport Forum are bang-on in their summation in the above article.  

Ports need to get full containers with non-essential goods off the port, but if there's nobody at the receiving end at work, where do you put them?

More-ever who arbitrates what is essential or not?

Is farm machinery less worthy than toilet paper? 

What about a container with toilet paper, farm equipment, board games and gym gear? 

And if there's just 1 container in 100 with products the country now deperately needs hitting our shores. 

What's going to happen to the other 99%? 

Can were expect port workers etc. to pull that one priority container from the growing stack?    

Everything arriving into N.Z Ports over the next four weeks was after-all ordered months ago.

When Wuhan Flu was someone elses problem. 

Will importers want to pay G.S.T on a container-load of products they can’t access or get to the market?

Where are these massive holding yards that are both a secure Customs Bonded Area & Approved MPI Transitional Facility?

Not well thought out there Minister of Transport, Phil Twyford.   

This won't be a case of mild constipation either!  


Article Posted: Thursday 26th March 



Bascik Transport Loading Goods

All of us here would like to acknowledge the store workers, couriers and truckies still ‘at it’ in these difficult times.

Ensuring there’s food on the shelves.

Vital equipment can get where it needs to go.

You are all awesome men & women!



Very good question!

Please respect we are entering uncharted territory here.

During the lock-down containers will continue to be taken off port to bond, contents devanned and MPI inspected.

All parts of this process involve hands-on manpower.

From the port workers, truck-drivers, the guys in the store through to MPI staff.

If for example the truck company are down 5 drivers and the bond 3 storemen that day - things are clearly not going to be operating as they normally would.

Extreme patience will be required.

Here’s where it gets complicated.

Let’s say we have got to the point the goods are unloaded, cleared and on-the-ground.

For starters, only approved carriers will be allowed to deliver shipments or enter bond facilities.

Delivery priority will be given to vital/essential materials & industries.  

Here’s where it gets murky.

Carriers are not going to want to expose their drivers to the virus.

Firstly they are going to want to know the situation at the delivery-point in terms of if it has essential accreditation? 

Then if they are prepared to deliver there?

The Government may still yet issue an edict to say 'essential only'.  

It's inevitable carriers will be scaling-down their scope in terms of deliveries.

Place shipments into storage till this blows-over. 

We will continue to communicate overviews of this nature via this News Page.

For specifics you can always email us.

We are all still working hard here to keep the wheels-of-industry turning.


Article Dated: Wednesday 25th March. 

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