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Dear Clients,

MPA Singapore

Please be aware that we are heading into peak season with tranship ports such as Singapore/Tanjung Pelepas under pressure.

This can result in shipments being delayed. We monitor shipments constantly and will keep you updated with progress.








Chinese Customs officers examine


Random examinations of shipments by foreign Customs Departments do occur prior to shipping.


The top countries for this to happen are China and the United States.


These export examinations are normally user-pays and costs are incurred by our agents which are passed on to us to retrieve from the N.Z importer.


Delays are part and parcel with this process. 


How-ever ‘unjust’ these costs appear they are legitimate. 


We sympathise, but are not in a position to negotiate.


Note: Currently motorbikes and vehicles from the U.S are especially susceptible to Customs examinations at present. Including, but not isolated to, having the entire container taken from ships side – unloaded, inspected and re-loaded – at considerable cost in time and money to the N.Z importer of the targeted car/bike.



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