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Shipping lines have announced an across-the-board increase to full container rates USA-NZ under the guise of a ‘General Rate Increase’.

This takes effect on June 15th 2015.

In terms of our weekly ‘less than container-load’ service the increase equates to USD 5.00 per cubic metre.

Between 1 October and 31 March, border staff made 34 interceptions across a range of imported goods and pathways, including vehicles, sawn timber and personal effects.

All of these intercepts were from the United States.

13 of the 34 bugs were alive when located.

MPI are considering trialling the use of detector dog [sic] for finding stink bugs should any make it past initial MPI’s border defences.

It is a given the new requirement for some vehicles and machinery from the United States to be treated prior to shipment will continue given the scale of the issue.

It is also inevitable consignments of household goods sent from the USA could now be devanned or unsealed only at transitional, MPI-approved facilities.

In the short/medium term fumigation of ‘high risk’ goods prior to shipment from the U.S will remain in place.


As you may be aware, from February the Ministry for Primary Industries have recently notified importers of new requirements for all vehicles and machinery sourced and shipped from the USA. These new measures are the result of interceptions of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSB) being found in vehicles, machinery, boats and equipment from USA ports.

Due to the high pest status of these stink bugs, these new measures were put in place by MPI at short notice without the usual consultation with persons who may be adversely affected by the amendment, in an effort to better manage what is deemed as a significant risk.

The key changes that all new and used break bulk vehicles and machinery must be treated prior to shipping ex USA, and all containerised shipments of new and used vehicles and machinery (including parts) must be treated prior to shipping or upon arrival to NZ.

Any costs for mandatory ‘full container’ fumigation in the U.S will be passed-on.

On occasion this new MPI ruling may affect what they deem as ‘high risk’ goods shipped in our weekly groupage LCL container.

When we are talking about LCL products that may require fumigation, it’s again ‘risk’ commodities like machinery, vehicle/marine spares.

Note: This is a ‘fluid’ situation. Chris here is your contract regarding the pesky stink bugs.

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