Parcel-PostYou go on-line and purchase some books ex Amazon which duly arrive at your doorstep G.S.T free, with no border costs.

Now just imagine the Government changes the law, creates an ‘even playing-field’ situation when it comes to imports.

You’ll need to now add the N.Z Customs Import Transaction Fee of $25.44 a MPI Biosecurity levy, which with GST totals $49.24.

After-all these costs are paid by the N.Z Publishing Agents for the books when they import their stock – so it’s only fair the rules should be consistent.

And why should a private importer get their goods Customs Cleared free by the state when a commercial importer has to employ a Customs Broker or go to the trouble themselves?

So on to that $49.24 you will need to add say another $75.00 = NZ$125.00 on top of the price of anything crossing the border.

But wait there’s more!

Then there’s the 15% G.S.T itself that’s payable not just on the books but the freight as well.

Those books suddenly don’t look such a good deal.

The Government can’t simply exempt one set of importers from the costs of border control, collection of taxes when this sector is so large, and growing.

Yes, this is ‘a can of worms’ but politicians need to act consistently and fairly.

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