Further to our article posted on 06th May regarding MPI’s campaign to prevent Stink Bug importation from the United States the current reality for all importers of vehicles and machinery parts sourced and shipped from the USA is: your product will require fumigation.

Shipped = Sea Freighted.

The costs incurred undertaking fumigation we are trying to diminish by ‘mass fumigation’ of MPI targeted goods rather than fumigating every single shipment.

Mass fumigation allows us to split the cost amongst several importers.

It may however mean a delay to the delivery, but we can let you choose which avenue you wish to pursue and the costs involved.

Chris and Rhonda here will keep you in the picture on a case-by-case basis.

For reasons that defy logic Air-Freight consignments have currently escaped this regime.

Evidently stink-bugs, despite their wings, don’t like flying.

We don’t make the rules here – we just play to them.


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